J O I N   T H E   8  W E E K   O N L I N E   P R O G R A M


Creating Conscious Fulfilment

When you are done, you die. 
So don't be done and stop trying to arrive. 

There is no arrival - Life is the JOURNEY.

Love the Process...
T H E   8   W E E K   O N L I N E   P R O G R A M

Start when you are ready and work at your own pace

Each Week you will be emailed a Video Tutorial Plus Workbook

Saturdays at 5pm Brisbane
Mondays at 11am & 8pm Brisbane

Are You wanting to play a bigger game but feel stuck in the “same old, same old”?
Know you have so much more in you but finding growth illusive?
Unable to make the transition from working in your business to working on your business?

Tired of paying good money to organisations that promise the world and deliver little to nothing?

Do you find your self saying “ I just know there is more in life” - but can’t identify what that more is ?

What you will learn in this program. . .
  • Before You Start
Complete Intrinsic Driving Force Session with Laura

One on one full values determination and identify your intrinsic drivers. This session is the cornerstone to building the platform from which you build and create.
  • Week One: Advanced Axiology
Meta Values --> Going BEYOND Value

A Deep-dive into awareness of what is most important to you and why.
Understanding Universal Principals and the forces that govern the Matrix.
  • Week Two: Pathways to Prosperity
Declaration of Intention
Mapping the JOURNEY
Building the Ship that you will Set Sail on
  • Week Three: The Zone of Self Governance
Become the “Dynamic Observer”
Creating the Path of Least Resistance
Learn the Art of Intelligent Integration
  • Week Four: Emergence
Raising Self Worth
The Magic of Honouring Self
Authentic Self Expression
  • Week Five: Odyssey Planning
A FUN exercise that will “knock your Socks Off!!!”
Cannot be described, has to be EXPERIENCED
Understanding how Fantasies create Nightmares.
  • Week Six: The Seven Natural Laws and The 8Th Way
The Process of Full Integration of ALL Areas of Life to head on the Path
of Wholeness with FLOW
  • Week Seven: Procrastination Purge
A multitude of ways to blast off from your mediocrity!
Associative Activation Techniques
Blasting through Blocks and Baracades
  • Week Eight: The Rules of Money
What happens when you act in alignment with this rule !!! … and what happens when you don’t!

Goldilocks Goals.
JOURNEY Online Program
1:1 Value Determination & Intrinsic Driving Force Session with Laura
Access to Eight Video Sessions – Watch in your own time at your own pace
Manual & Workbook with corresponding 8 Sections
Weekly Live Q & A Zoom Sessions

JOURNEY PLUS Online Program
Includes all of Journey PLUS 3 additional Coaching Sessions with Laura
Private coaching session to be used anytime during or after the Journey Program
This is FOR...
  • Individuals who would love to have a more fulfilling relationship with the people they share their lives with.
  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants who would love to make a significant difference in people’s lives.
  • Business owners and high-level Corporates who are responsible for the livelihoods of many and wish to make a global impact.
  • ​Individuals looking to get into business and realize the defining steps to growing and effectively selling their product or service.
  • ​Individuals who want the internal freedom to unapologetically live in their authenticity
This is NOT FOR...
  • Those wanting quick fixes.
  • Those looking to get rich quick.
  • ​Those who are not humble.
  • ​Those who want to blame others, remain the victim and not take responsibility for what they have attracted to them.
  • ​Those who are not prepared to look into themselves.
If you are looking for a way to harness that ache inside
 And you are yearning to grow and expand 
Then JOURNEY is your Pathway to Prosperity….


Laura Hughes

Meta Mindset Coach

Master Certified Demartini Facilitator

Meta comes from the Greek word meaning “Beyond”.

Meta Mindset goes BEYOND the current constraints of what most understand as mindset.

Meta Mindset will take you to the true essence of your being and connect you to becoming an Awakened Leader

What people are saying ...
  • "Having understood our own highest values, our missions, and purposes in life, we have more clarity on the future we wish to pursue and more focus in taking actions towards the goals. Laura, you are a knowledgeable, skillful, and patient coach, we are so blessed that we have you."
    Andrew & Heather
  • "Before Laura’s coaching, I felt I was living my life without direction. I was ‘busy’ getting nowhere and felt I was just marking time. Laura has helped me to put everything into perspective and see that I am very worthwhile and have everything I need to live a happy and fulfilled life, and I am very capable of learning whatever new skills I need to learn in order to pursue whatever I desire in life."                                                   Joy F.
  • "Laura has been assisting and coaching me over the last 2 years. Initially, the concepts and coaching were aimed at getting to understand me better, transitioning from being able to deal with situations in life and business that were previously very difficult, to now being relatively easy. Laura is continuing to make a great impact on guiding me through life challenges to be the best version of myself, and to achieve the things I want to achieve."                      Stephen B.
Laura is a leader in problem solving, showing the way for others to navigate through their challenges and offering solutions that allow them to live by design. Laura walks her talk and leads the way by being a shining example of one who maximizes human potential and expansion.

Laura is a leading Meta Mindset Coach & Consultant working with individuals, groups, companies and organisations to break through limiting beliefs, blocks and inaction. By integrating and aligning values, meaning and purpose within the individual, Laura is able to rapidly transform each person’s experience and life’s journey into one that is both fulfilling and inspiring.

Presenting her signature Breakthrough programs around Australia and internationally, Laura specializes in human behavior and integrates The Demartini Method® with her results driven programs to assist clients to gain a new perspective for intelligent living and to be inspired by life, by teaching them to overcome their challenges, obtain self-governance, and activate their true potential.

“When you meet Laura you’ll know she is a walk-your-talk woman of substance. Not only does she keep herself congruent to her teachings, she keeps herself accountable to her intentions, goals and actions – and she will keep you accountable to yours!”

Laura is a Master Certified Demartini Method® Facilitator (one of only a select few in the world) and is a Licensed Demartini Values® Facilitator. Laura has been an avid student of Dr. John Demartini and has been studying with the Demartini institute for the last 16 years, focusing in the areas of physics, biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, and theology in relation to the application of the Demartini Method®, the mind body connection and the driving force of human behaviour.

Laura assists clients to expand and grow in all 7 areas of life – Spiritual Quest and Purpose, Mental Knowledge & Understanding, Vocational Vision & Fulfilment, Financial Independence and self-sufficiency, Family & Relationship Connection, Social Power & Influence and Physical Wellness & Vitality. Integral to her coaching is to assist the individual to open up to becoming their own authority, and having an authentic, congruent and purposeful life.

Copyright 2021 - Laura Hughes

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